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We are a reimagined community experience. 

Where most memberships focus on one aspect of building and running your business - we cover all of it.

$97 Monthly Membership Program gives you access to four nationally recognized experts covering:


  • CEO Mindset
  • Legal Protection for your business
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Freedom
  • Internal and External Systems to scale
  • PLUS: Monthly Guest Speakers


Each Month Our Four Experts Dive Deep Into a Specific Piece of Building and Managing a Company.

We've further broken this into weekly lessons from each expert.

For example, if the theme is 'Messaging" your digital strategist expert will have a week of lessons to craft your message, your CEO mindset coach will discuss pushing past imposter syndrome, your legal advisor will talk about keeping yourself out of legal trouble with exaggerated promises, and your financial planner will speak on budgeting for ads and growth.


Monthly Boardroom Call


Jump on a live call with your Advisory Board of Experts each month to get your specific questions answered, listen in on strategy sessions, and get access to special guest speakers

Weekly Guidance By An Expert

Each month we will have a specific piece of business scaling and management to focus on. We've further broken this into weekly lessons from each expert to give you a full-circle understanding of the month's topic.

Beautiful Membership Portal

The Boardroom offers both a private Facebook group, and an online membership portal where you will be able to find all of our training, replays, and resources - along with a membership directory to allow you to network with other members.

Networking Opportunities 

Regular virtual coffee hours, speed-networking, and game nights give ample chances to network, connect, and collaborate with other members. We do not allow promotion posts, spamming in DMs, or taking over other members' posts - but do encourage networking and building community.

Guest Speakers 

This group was founded with the clear goal of shutting down gatekeeping of knowledge so you can have the successful business you deserve. Therefore, we want to make sure you don't miss any opportunities to expand your knowledge on the topics we will cover.

Action-Focused & Joyful

This is not a group to be passive in. We are busy women who take our businesses very seriously - but not ourselves.
While we have fun and enjoy ourselves, we get straight to the point, teach you directly, and then put what we learned into practice.


Let's get real and stop pushing a "hustle culture" that is harming us all. In The Boardroom we breakdown toxic trends and bring strategies that promote balance, self-care, and community.

This includes quarterly events designed specifically to ground and recenter yourself.

Inclusive & Welcoming 

We are committed to equity and welcome all fem-identifying entrepreneurs to our space. We unapologetically support all women, and include regular DEI Expert Training Sessions for your personal growth, and to help you grow an inclusive work-space for your company.

Reserve Your Seat At The Table 


Opening April 2022, The Boardroom is a monthly membership program that provides daily insights, weekly trainings, monthly networking and regular programing that builds on each previous month. 

Members will be able to quickly and sustainable scale their businesses in an action focused community.



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