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What if you had an advisory board of experts that could help train, guide, educate, and inspire you in your business?

A group that included a Financial Planner, CEO Mindset coach, Digital Strategist, a Legacy Lawyer, and an expert in business systems and automation?

Now you do...

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Opening April 2022, The Boardroom is a monthly membership program that provides daily insights, weekly trainings, monthly networking and regular programming that builds on each previous month. 

Members will be able to quickly and sustainable scale their businesses in an action-focused community.



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Carmen Rosas - CEO & Principal Attorney

When I was a kid, my family was just like many others. My dad would go off to work in his own auto body shop in Grandpa’s garage, and come home at the end of the day to his family, thankful he could provide for us in the way that he did. From an early age. It was from him I learned to not settle for anything less than I had to. 

When I was little, I wanted to be a teacher. Later, I decided HR is where I was supposed to be. Then CEO (it sounded a little better than HR).You know what they all have in common? They all let me be in charge. They all let me be the one to make decisions. Turns out, I always wanted to be the boss. 

I learned so many lessons from watching my dad. I learned about hard work and ambition, and that is what drove me to be the first in my family to graduate from college. It’s also what pushed me to become a lawyer.

When I became pregnant, that ambition kicked everything up a notch. I realized that there had to be even more for me…and for my baby. I wanted to provide for her in the same way my dad provided for our family (but leveled up). I wanted to practice law the way I had before (but leveled up). I wanted to live my life with fun goals (and level those up too.)

And I wanted to do all of that to ensure that my baby, and my family, were secured no matter what happened to me.

Which is exactly how my coaching practice came to be.

If I wanted this for me, I knew other women would want it for themselves, too. That is why I am here. Seeing women learn to protect their families and their legacy is what drives me. It is what truly gives me joy, and I am so excited to show all of you how to protect yourself, your family, and your legacy. 




Katherine Kozioziemski - CEO Mindset & Balance Coach


I’ve been there – an exhausted mom of three holding my breath in pain and anxiety just trying to get through the day. I pushed my own needs aside for so many years,and it left me in physical and emotional pain, fighting off panic attacks. I was scared to ask for help when I so desperately needed it and always felt that I didn’t have time to take care of myself anyway.

It’s why I got into this work — so I could help women like you, women who were just like me, feel at home in their bodies without pain. So they could feel a sense of zen and calm as they take care of the people they love the most. I help my clients develop practical and accessible tools to calm anxiety and move with ease. As a result of this work, women can listen to what their body is telling them, when it’s time to take a breath, a break, or move forward if necessary. When a woman understands what her body is saying, she can address her own needs in real-time rather than letting the anxiety and pain take its toll on your physical and emotional health.

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Jasmine Partida - Digital Strategy


I teach businesses how to use digital media platforms, social media channels, and online tools in order to effectively implement communication strategies and campaigns.

By combining high-quality design and authentic messaging, I connect with your target audience and lead them through your sales funnel to business success.

My portfolio of work spans regional and national campaigns, as well as leveraging social media to help entrepreneurs like you gain the visibility you deserve.

My time in The Boardroom will focus on messaging, strategy, and simplifying content creation while building your online presence. 

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